Kai Ross-Best – Film & TV 2016

Film & TV Level 3 Production Course


Unit 3 LO 2.1

Week 7 – Unit 3: Working Practices

Within this session, we have been talking about “Working Practices”, in particular we’ve been talking about the various different types of working with their pros and cons.

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Best Practice (Ward, A, 29 February 2016)

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Week 4 – Unit 3: How to become a Cameraman

Within this session I’ll be covering on the different ways that you can become a cameraman, what they do, the roles to work up to becoming a Cinematographer as well as some research on a¬†famous cameraman and the¬†Auteur Theory.

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Filming in Warringah (, No date)

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Week 3 – Unit 3: How to become a Foley or Sound Engineer

Within this session we were working on how you can become a Foley Engineer, how you can become a Sound Engineer and what the difference is between them.

Image result for Sound engineer
Sound Engineering (, 2013)

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Week 2 – Unit 3: How to become a Lighting Engineer?

Within this lesson, we learnt about Lighting Engineers and how you could become one and what they actually do and are in charge of.

Image result for Lighting Engineer
How to Become a Lighting Technician (Green, A, 28 July 2014)

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Week 1 – Unit 3: Skills

Within today’s lesson, we worked on Skills. Today in particular, we learnt about how to become a director, and the general jobs a director would have as well as researching into a director of our choice.

Tim Burton on the set of “Frankenweenie” (Radish, C, 9 May 2012)

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