Kai Ross-Best – Film & TV 2016

Film & TV Level 3 Production Course


Unit 2 LO 2.1

Week 7 – Unit 2: Editing Software Research

Today we’ve been told to research into something to do with Editing. Editing is one of my favourite things to do with Film & TV, so I feel I would talk about the various different editing software’s: from the basics to the more advanced ones and what they entail within each of them.

Image result for editing suite
Editing Suite (Walker, B, No date)

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Week 5 & 6 – Unit 2: Production Research Plan & Project

Within this session, we’ve been looking at Production Research to do with Film & TV. In particular for this post, I’ll mainly be focusing on TV and will be reverse engineering a TV show to extract the details within the production and find out where specific things could be rented or hired for the show.

Image result for Film Production
Independent Film Production Companies Vancouver (Colter Ripley, 19 October 2015)

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Week 4 – Unit 2: Research Plan on Camera Technology

Within this week, the focus is on Cameras. In particular, I wanted to do a research plan on the technology side of cameras. In particular, different lenses, the different types of cameras (the history of them), what’s current with quality/sizing and the future of cameras in my opinion.

Image result for Various different cameras
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mirrorless Cameras (XNZYZ Photography, 31 May 2013)

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Week 3 – Unit 2: Research Plan on Foley Sound

Today we’ve started our session with Foley Sound. Foley sound is sound that is used within Film & TV. Foley sound (for anyone curious) is sound that is used within Film & TV as “real life sound effects”. This can be anything from a door creaking open to the thudding of someone falling over.

Image result for foley sound
Foley Sound (Ryan Peoples, NA)

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Week 2 – Unit 2: Research Plan Lighting

Within this week, we’ve been asked to create a research plan to do with Lighting. Whilst coming up with some ideas as a group, I’ve decided to narrow it down to either:

  1. Equipment (The current different types of lighting available).
  2. Physicality of Lighting (The aspects and where to place them).
  3. Film & Lighting within Film (One genres).

Personally, I feel that I would much prefer to learn the different types of lighting needed for one specific genre of film – Horror.

Image result
Peliculas Basadas En Libros De Stephen King Top 10 (Ranking Peliculas Admin, No date)

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Week 1 – Unit 2: Research

Within this lesson of working out some Research techniques, I’ve been able to gather various different ways for general research. Within this post I’ll be talking about Primary and Secondary Research, methods of conducting that research, sources, a research plan as well as a demonstration of a resource plan.

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