Kai Ross-Best – Film & TV 2016

Film & TV Level 3 Production Course



My Life in a Photo Collage

Welcome to my life, this time, in a photo collage with photos from all the way back to my first concert: when I was 6 years old!


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Who Am I? | Video Monologue

Recently I posted a post about what makes me who I am today followed by a collage of images (click here to direct to that post). Moving a step further, I’ve also included “Who Am I?” which is a Video Monologue.

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Interstellar Scene Analysis

Interstellar (2014)

This scene where Matthew McConaughey’s character ejects from his spacecraft into a black hole I find both powerful and effective.

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Photo Collage: Welcome to My Universe

Welcome to My Universe.

As shown below, there’s a photo collage that I’ve created that’s to do with: me. I used Photoshop CS6 to create this collage, and planned out that because I have a passion for space, I used a “wormhole” method to show different aspects of my life/to do with me. Originally, the idea came from the top right of the image: The wormhole with the tardis coming out (as I love Doctor Who and usually watch it with my friends). Once I used the first wormhole, I decided to stick with the theme of using them for different things to do with me.


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