Kai Ross-Best – Film & TV 2016

Film & TV Level 3 Production Course

Week 1 – Who Am I?

Within this week, as I wasn’t here the previous week I have had to catch up on the first start to the Final Major Project work. This included creating a new “Who Am I?” Poster to show how I’ve developed from the first week at college as well as the specific skills that I have learnt since I’ve been here.

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Term 2/Project 2 – Evidence Document

This post here is dedicated to the evidence document for Project 2 – “The Scene”.

Evidence Document for Tri 2

Weeks 8 & 9: Project 2 – The Scene

Within the next couple of weeks, we are starting our second project for the course, which is called “The Scene” and the theme is “Friendship”. Within the next couple of weeks there will be a variety of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production shown within this post.

Image result for Friendship
The day I stopped believing in the friendship myth (Young, T, 4 June 2016)

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Week 6 & 7 – Feedback & Reflection

This post here is dedicated to Feedback and Reflection for Weeks 6 & 7.

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Week 7 – Unit 6: Visual Production

Within this week we are focussing on Visuals. This week in particular will be creating a scene, and using the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production method of completing the task.

Image result for on set
Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes on Set of Skyfall (, No date)

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Week 6 – Unit 5: Audio Production

Within this week we are back focussing on Audio. In particular there are various different elements towards Audio, however we’re looking at “Pre-Production” for Audio.

Image result for boom operator
Production Sound – Boom Operator (domgee, No date)

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Week 5 – Unit 5: Microphone Skills

Within this week we have been focusing entirely on Audio Skills. In particular, we’re looking at the best ways to film within a certain location for a scene, for example: a place where there is quite a lot of background noise where you would like to film an interview.

Related image
Boom Microphone (NeoAudioDesignAcademy, No date)

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Week 4 – Feedback & Reflection

This post is here and is dedicated towards Week 4’s Feedback & Reflection.

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Week 4 – Unit 6: How to Light a Scene

Within this week we are purely focussing on visuals again (as that’s how the rotation goes). This week in particular, it is “How to light a Scene” and within this post I will be covering the various different ways, as well as showing an example towards the end that we have created.

Image result for film lighting setup
Explore Movie Lighting (Pinterest, No date)

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