Within this week we are entirely focussing on different types of research that we can do and is available for us to research ideas and information into our project.

Image result for Research
Research (Hyperacusis Research, No date)

For my project, there is a specific focus that I wish to be using and how it could be useful for me, and how it reflects upon what I would like to do. I want to create something that leaves people a mix of shocked and weary, entertained and also leaving them want to see more. I feel this is important as it would make people want to see more and could progress into something a lot bigger than it currently is.

From previous work that I have completed, I’ve focussed on two different genres – the first one being slightly towards Horror with more of a Mystery feel towards it, and the second project as a short experimental film. This time I want to focus hard and well on a short horror film as I’m much more interested in creating ideas based upon the horror genre than others. Usually when I’m creating a short film I focus more on the “happy” side like in my previous big project being the Friendship one, however this time I want to change it and make it more twisted and darker as I feel that will reflect on the audience a lot more and be more engaging, especially as it will be a bit out of the ordinary!

The Different Types of Research

There are a variety of different types of Research that are available for everyone to use, but for specific I will be talking about the ones that I most likely will be using to help with my project, these include:

Internet Research

Internet Research is a key research resource that myself and pretty much everyone uses now. This can be a simple search on a search engine such as Google to straight away find a result that you need/is similar to what you need.

With Internet Research, it comes with its advantages and disadvantages, one advantage is you can pretty much find an answer to anything you require quite quickly, or at least within a few hours at most. A big disadvantage is that you can’t rely on everything there. This means that any sort of sources that are found could be somewhat fake or false information or even opinionated information, which has become a lot bigger within 2016/17.

Researching the Internet (MacDonald, W, No date)

The way I usually apply internet research, especially for my project would be researching into media sites such as YouTube to find other short horror films and seeing if I can get any physical insight on how they were created and the various methods that are used to create something somewhat similar. As well as this I will be researching specific terms such as “Horror Lighting Techniques” or “Horror costumes” to get an idea of different techniques that I can use to my advantage. This will then present to me any visual/audio ideas to work with to be able to produce my project in a similar fashion.

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How Will the Internet of Things Impact Utilities? (SAP Centric, 19 January 2017)

Graphics/Art Research

A big way that any sort of Graphics/Art could be useful as research materials is because it will help in ways such as different art materials (either from online or around close-by or from specific artists that I’m interested in) and ways that a costume could be produced for specific characters, and how the costumes are actually created whether they’re simple, or a bit more advance, for example, custom designed. These could also produce an idea or an influence towards any different costumes that could be used and how they could become effective.

This could also link in with Magazine Articles. The way this could be helpful is because there might be specific articles dedicated towards costumes (especially around the Halloween time) and I could search for any archives that could help with finding a possible costume idea for characters within the project.

Image result
Tim Burton Drawings (Pencil Art Drawings, 29 July 2016)

There’s a site called “Creative Bloq” which has a detailed post about 13 different artists that use the horror genre, and it could produce ideas on how a costume within my production could be used, and ways that I can use their work as some form of inspiration towards my project. Within their site they mentioned that “Horror and gothic art will never lose it’s appeal as long as humanity maintains it’s fascination with death”. Quite a weird statement, however it’s true – a lot of people are always curious about the horror genre and like the research and elements that go into it, and without it the world could easily be very boring!

13 artists changing the face of horror (Creative Bloq Staff, 31 October 2016)


A big and obvious one, especially for a film project would be looking at different films! This can include full films, short films etc. The best way would be physically watching either the whole film, or searching for specific clips from the film that would be related to my project in particular.

This will be able to provide some form of influence towards my project, as well as provide any sort of ideas that I could progress and develop to create my project. As well as this, I could also be using different lighting methods, camera shots/angles etc. to my advantage, or try re-creating a few shots as another research method. I could also look at general films with a different genre as well to see the different lighting methods used within them and costumes to provide how they change significantly dependent on the genre of the film.

The obvious specific for me is researching into the horror genre itself, and the best description to define “Horror” is “a film that depicts the viewers emotions, worst fears, terror of the unknown, disgust and nightmares.”. This means a good way to produce a short film to do with horror is to fit with the main description of what a horror movie is. As well as this, you can have “the genre overlap with many other genre’s such as fantasy, science fiction and thriller”. This could also mean that whilst sticking with the main genre, you would be able to fit in a few different parts which could have nothing to do with horror, however suddenly become horrific.

Research: Horror Genre (callumsands, 15 September 2015)

Personally I am into the types of films that Tim Burton directs as it’s got quite a twisted storyline towards it, and even though it’s not fully in the “Horror” genre it still produces some horrifying events as Tim Burton is more “Fantasy Horror” most of the time.

Image result for Tim Burton films
Tim Burton Films: Fantasy Combined With Horror (Irazarry Cruz, I, 28 October 2015)

As well as this, I like the work of Rob Zombie, who is quite well known for both his music & horror films such as Halloween (2007). Both the style and the way it’s produced, mixed with all the audio etc. makes it truly incredible and enjoyable to watch overall.

Image result for Rob Zombie Halloween
Rob Zombie’s Halloween review (Brewer J, 9 September 2016)

I feel that these two will be quite an influence towards my project as they produce the types of films I’m interested in, and have also sparked part of my inspiration towards my project.


Videos are a common way that produce an idea and influence my project. In particular, they can present a visual representation, and especially YouTube videos, as a lot of the time they have some form of “Behind the Scenes” to them to help you learn how they were actually filmed and the time and effort that goes into each of them. The ways you would research them would be quite similar to how you research films.

I’m quite inspired by short films produced by the YouTuber “Markiplier”. They’re quite simple with their storyline however they produce a horror element that produces a sense of fear to the audience, and it’s very well portrayed in my opinion because it clearly makes you feel like the character is talking directly to you, almost taunting you in to the virtual world.

HORROR (Markiplier, 2017)

This short film here I am very interested in as it goes from being all “jolly” and “happy” to a sudden dark, twisted and more demented reality. I like the way it twists into another genre through the use of what is meant to be a “theatre production” as well as the effects that follow alongside it. The effect seems to be an older-styled 3D effect however it’s most likely a couple of extra layers of the same film, enlarged, piled on top of each other, lowered in opacity and the colour being changed. The dark atmosphere and lack of lighting really reflects the mood of the scene, and overall I feel that it is very well portrayed.


Shocking, but even something such as Games could really work as some form of influence and research towards my project.

How? Why? Nowadays there are a lot of games being produced, some common and developed by more known people/brands and some rather unknown and more “Indie” games, and in simple terms, games have genres as well and have a specific aim and storyline to fit that genre. There are so many out there and in specific I would be researching into horror games. These are games that people access first-hand usually in first person if it’s a horror game as anything could jump out at any moment, usually without caution or with a small warning that doesn’t click in people’s minds.

A few ideas of some of these can include the older games such as Slender where a lot of horror games originated from to newer games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, Outlast 2, Hello Neighbor etc. The majority of them focus a lot on different lighting techniques, sound techniques etc. I could either watch series online through YouTube or even play them for myself and see what’s so specific about them that makes them work, developing some more of my knowledge on different lighting and horror methods.

Image result for outlast 2
‘Outlast 2’ drops you in a desert for a fresh batch of nightmares (Conditt J, 21 June 2016)

Streaming Services

Nowadays there are multiple ways other than TV shows, DVD’s and cinemas to get a hold of a variety of material such as films. The most popular (at least in the past 2 years) are sites such as Netflix & NowTV, especially Netflix. Netflix has its own series produced and uploaded onto their system quite often, as well as a VERY wide variety of different films and TV shows, so you’re most likely to find something with every genre on there, and possibly exactly what you’re after.

A popular one from Netflix was the series Stranger Things (2016) with millions of viewers worldwide watching this horror/mystery series which helped build up the hype towards it. I feel a few ideas that I have gathered for my project could have come from the series itself and have helped influence a few of the ideas I have. I feel that streaming services such as Netflix have gained a big uprising and have been able to produce a lot of fantastic content through these methods. A lot of newer series and “Netflix Originals” have now become quite popular as a result of series such as Stranger Things. I feel watching some of these physically could help gain a few ideas on further progress and development towards my project.

Image result for stranger things
Stranger Things Merchandise (HotTopic, No date)

There are other types of research out there, such as Podcasts, Radio Programs, Books & E-Books, Blogs & Museums etc. however I don’t feel any of these would be included within my project, because to start with I don’t expect to get much out of a podcast except any different sound techniques, Books & E-Books could have some images that would help but not as much due to the fact that they’re reading mainly and not watching.

Research Methods

Research Methods are common to use and to find scattered everywhere online and even out in public – ever seen someone standing outside Tesco asking if you have 5 minutes to talk about your internet provider? It’s a similar situation to this in some cases!


Sounds quite simple, but observation for what you’re after can be a crucial impact on what you’re after – maybe you’re looking for that specific scene somewhere and you manage to find exactly what you need by someone talking in the streets, by looking at a specific object, or even this could be debated towards physically watching something as well and taking notes about it. These could also include some form of drawing that you’ve created from any observations, or even any photography of the specific as well as any video and/or audio to be able to prove you know what’s in the area, and what you are using.

Survey Questionnaires

There are a lot of places out there that want you to answer their surveys, and by a lot – I mean A LOT. There are sites such as YouGov that have a new survey almost every day and they want genuine answers from the public based upon what they’ve asked. These could be used for me to find out specific answers to questions from the public that could possibly benefit my project in the long run. These could also fit in with Audio & Visual Surveys by physically listening and seeing people and talking to them asking them general questions about the project, with their opinions and what would attract them the most to want to see it etc.


Experimenting is a high part of any project, especially nowadays – could something work? Will it work? How could it work? All questions that you would ask yourself whilst experimenting, and this could present to you the exact method you need to use to be able to produce exactly what you were after – in the overall, you never know until you try.


Interviews are a good way to research, and interviews in specific can be either primary or secondary research as you can either conduct an interview yourself or you can find an already-completed interview online or in something such as a newspaper. Interviews can be handy, however can also be hard to come across, especially if you’re trying to conduct one with someone well known, in my case, I don’t think it will be quite as possible to suddenly go and talk to Rob Zombie about how he directed Halloween. This could be resolved by looking at other smaller projects and conducting interviews with the people who made smaller and possibly less-known projects.

Production Research

There are a few different ways that you can use production research to your advantage, similar to the previous weeks work, these can include:

Character Profiles

Character Profiles are similar to what I produced last week, they are a personal profile that is made up however with research to back it up (for example, asking people in class that are 17-19 years old to gain an understanding of what they do etc.) or research through other resources. I could create a character profile to help get an idea of who would be watching my short film.

Location Recces

Location Recces are important as they will help to show the advantages and disadvantages to certain locations, as well as know exactly what is around them and if they are safe to use or not. An example is using one side of a location that is beautiful and then another side of the location has a massive junk yard.

Audience Research

Audience Research and Market Research is an important factor because for a start you’ll need to know the rough audience you would be attracting to be able to produce anything, as well as know exactly who you will be targeting your video towards. As well as this, marketing could be useful to firstly get your short film out there, an idea could be using Google Adwords to help promote your video by paying however much is in your budget, to get it seen and to try to help gain Viral Marketing strategies (where people will send it to other people/share it through social media).

Research Design

Within this part of the post, I will be talking about the research that will be used for my production with a variety of different research questions and what will need to be used with the research methods.

For my project, my overall plan and intent for it is to create a one minute short film based around horror. In specific, it will be about an escapee from a mental asylum and how dangerous it is now that he’s back out and on the loose. My key aims are to experiment with how much costume, lighting, editing and any special effects can change the entire mood of a film and how it can cause a weary and produce a terror of the unknown. The key characteristics of this production will include how costume can affect the mood of the film and how it’s uniqueness can produce something shocking and create more of a “nightmare” feel towards it. As well as this, I want to experiment with the variety of low-lighting methods and how darkness can represent the sense of fear to the audience, and show it through expression from the actors and the way it’s been edited.

Image result
Hand Sketching (Alfa img, No date)

For my project, there will be quite a lot of different questions that I will have to ask myself, and this could include trying to gain even more knowledge than I already know, as well as what I could do to research into more detail.

Online Questionnaires

I could ask around online such as on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook and ask the people who follow my account(s) their opinion on my idea, and find out what I could do to make it as best as it could be, as well as try to get an online personality to pick up on it and state their opinions as well which could traffic the final product a bit more.

Image result for online survey
Top 15 Paid Online Surveys (Baze, 10 October 2015)

Physical Research

Physical research will be quite a high rated one that I will be using within my research for my project, this will be so that I can get some physical copies of the different places that I want to use. For this I can use either my iPhone 6s or even my actual camera so that I can get multiple clear shots of the locations that I wish to use within it, as well as if there are any specific props etc. that I already have to show what they look like.

Image result for taking photos
Taking photographs (Knapton S, 10 December 2013)

Target Audience

My target audience will most likely be for the age ranges between 17 and 25. The reason I feel this would be the main age range is because as my project will be distributed onto YouTube, the majority of the viewers on there are between the age range of 17 and 25. As well as this of course there will be a few from the lower and higher age ranges as you can’t predict exactly who would be watching this content on YouTube.

The audience would mainly be people who are interested in the genre of the film, or are curious to what the film is actually about (this could be because of the effective use of the thumbnail or because of the length of the short film itself). This could produce a wider variety of audience members that could be interested in the short film itself and most likely comparing it to what else is out there at the moment.

A way to find out about the demographics could be by using YouGov’s “Profiles” page to find specific information out, or even searching for YouTube’s demographics/statistics to find out even more information about the audience that would be watching the video (e.g Age Range, Gender etc.). If I wanted to as well I could physically ask some of the audience I already have what they are interested in and find out more information about them through this way, or generally searching online about what the average 18 year old likes, or even simply asking around college as there’s a mix of ages all around.

Image result for target audience
Target Audience (Copywriting Power, 8 December 2016)

Skills & Techniques

There are a variety of different skills and techniques that will be required for my project, and as stated in last weeks work, the specific skills and techniques that I will be using include:


The camera skills and techniques will be required for an absolute definite. The reasons that the camera would be an important skill and technique is simply because you will need to know a specific amount of how the camera functions and actually works to be able to get the specific details that are required. An example is the ISO levels etc. and knowing about the camera operations. This can include different angles to use with the camera as well which could require a tripod to be used to help create these angles.

Image result for Canon Camcorder
Canon Camcorders (Best Buy, No date)


There will be a specific set of audio skills that I need to use. These will be so that I can create specific sound effects that I will require as well as finding and fitting correct music/ambiance sound towards the cinematography that is produced. Audio will also be important as I will need to know about the variety of different microphones and polar patterns – this will show which type of microphone I will end up using.

Image result for microphones
Different Types of Microphones (Desktop Documentaries, No date)


For the Editing skills & techniques, there will be a required amount of work that will need to be completed. This will be matching visual and audio together to be able to produce an end final product. To find out more about any editing skills that I don’t already know, I will be able to research them online to be able to produce exactly what I want.

Image result for editing suite
4k Editing Suite (Souvenir Productions, No date)


A VERY Important skill that I will need is writing skills. This will be so that I can produce an easy and well-to-read script so that I know exactly what needs to be said in specific areas, and so any actors within this will be able to know what to do.

I will also need to be able to Storyboard correctly so that I will be able to physically show any actors exactly what they will need to be doing, as well as show the variety of different camera angles that will be used and any dialogue/audio that will be used as well.

Image result for storyboarding
How to Storyboard (Drawing & Composition, No date)

Of course there are more skills that will be required, however these are the main 4 skills that will need to be required for my project to work other than the simple ones such as time management etc.

Production Research

There is more production research required to be able to complete my project, and this can include multiple different factors that could effect it.


A massive one for my production is availability. A big problem at this very moment is that exams are coming up for the majority of people I usually work with, and everyone around me has a lot of work to do for themselves. To overcome any sort of availability problems, there are a couple of simple solutions:

  1. Film between Friday afternoon & Sunday evening. This will prevent most people saying “I have an exam” etc. unless they are simply “revising” over the weekend.
  2. Find someone who doesn’t actually have an exam. I have a friend that I’ve spoken to who even though she lives a bit further up north, she said she would come down to help film my project, especially as it could be filmed in half term and she doesn’t have any exams. This is the same with one of my other friends who also lives a bit further away as he already has the time off work to come down.
  3. Find out if the specific people I want in my production are available at a set date, letting them know in advance.

Linking onto the third point that I made, the way to do this could be simply through text messages, through Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter, or even text/communication services such as Skype or Discord as most people will generally look at least one of these every day. As well as this it could easily include something such as a simple phone call.

Image result for southeastern high speed train
Southeastern Highspeed (be-uk, No date)

Production Roles

For my production there will need to be specific production roles that I will need to cover to be able to create the project that I need, the most important ones being Director, Producer/Distributor, Cinematographer, Sound Engineer & Editor.


Being a Director for this short film, I will need to make sure that I am able to portray my vision into something through the use of the actors, lighting, cinematography, sound and editing and the way that the overall film works. This will mean that I will be in charge of pretty much everything that occurs, and will need to make sure that everything works correctly by checking over any of the footage at the same time.

Image result for directing of a film
Write, Direct, Repeat (Garland K, 1 July 2015)


Obviously I will be producing the film, and there are multiple ways of how I could distribute the short film. I could share it through Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or I could simply go to the route of posting it on sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc. and having the short film linked through my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. The most likely one will be a small snippet/thumbnail image on Twitter & Instagram, as well as the video being on YouTube, this will mean that it could possibly send more traffic over to the video this way, and can possibly prevent it from being stolen in any way.

Image result for film production
Louisiana Production Services (digitalfx, No date)


Cinematography is an important part of my project as well, without any cinematography, I wouldn’t be able to produce anything but an audio production literally – there wouldn’t be any visual footage and it could very simply not be right at all, especially as I want my project to be an audio visual one. For the cinematography stage however, I will need to make sure my knowledge of Framing & Composition is up to what it has always been (or even slightly more) and be able to make sure what I need is in focus with the correct light levels to prevent any extra image noise.

Image result for cinematography
Cinematography School (New York Film Academy, No date)

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineering is an important role for my project, in specific I will most likely be over-dubbing any audio to be able to produce exactly what I need, and obviously record on-set as well to make sure there are multiple copies, and use the best one possible. The importance of sound engineering is to make sure the audio within my production will be as spot on as possible, without (m)any issues, trying to make it sound crisp and perfect for the scene.

Image result for sound engineer
What Does an Audio Engineer Do? (Recording Connection, No date)


Editing as an overall is also one of the most important roles of this, I will need to make sure that it reflects the image that I have in my mind onto a physical audio-visual copy. Editing will be one of the most time-consuming pieces, however overall it would be worth it with the possible outcomes.

Related image
Editing Suite (Michael Shipman, No date)

For any means of research towards these different roles, there are a few ways that you can research into them, such as physically asking people who already have these roles, or have some form of experience in these roles about what they do, how they do it etc. As well as this, you can watch tutorials online to see how some specifics are created, such as an effect you like the look of but can’t work out how to do. There are many different ways, including general internet research and also media books with bucket loads of information, all from experienced people in the job role.

Production Schedule

Producing a schedule is probably one of the most important parts about a production – I will need to produce some form of schedule to make sure I know roughly what I am doing, and how long I will have to do it. Of course you don’t have to stick to it, however it will produce a better idea to know what you’d be doing rather than arriving and having no idea at all. To create a schedule, I could use something as simple as Microsoft Excel or Google Documents, or even something as simple as Microsoft Word’s Table option.

Image result for schedule
Production Schedule (The First Tee of Greater Seattle, No date)


The budget for my production I would like to keep as minimal as possible, however there will be certain requirements that will be needed to conduct what I want. The budget section can include anything to do with travel, to required props or backdrops or even costume/how to create the costume with a lower budget. To put it simply, I would be asking myself how much I would want to spend on this production, and say I said “£50” that would be my maximum budget, I would then look around online to try and find everything I need on the budget of £50, and if it ends up lower then that’s totally fine as well.

Image result
30 Honest Ways to Reduce your Tax Bill (The Boss, 5 April 2016)

Location Recce’s

Location Recces are an important factor that I will need for my production as I will be able to note out the exact location that I want, and be able to physically go there and find out about any risks or reasons why it is worth using and why it isn’t worth using. To conduct this it would be as simple as going to the location itself, taking images of the location so I know exactly what is there and where everything is and the surroundings. If I went to a location that I needed permission for, then I would need to contact either individuals/councils, and have some form of permission to be able to film there (written as it’s physical evidence).

Image result for locations
Global Locations (HNI, No date)

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is an important document and something important to consider whilst researching into it. This will be the overall health and safety of yourself and everyone around you whilst you’re filming – for this you will need to create a health and safety document by physically visiting the location and making sure that it’s safe, and if there’s something unsafe and you must film there, find a way around filming it. As well as this you can also take images of the location itself to identify any hazards visually so you can show people without having to actually be on the set.

Image result for health and safety
Health and Safety (UL, No date)


There will be a limited amount of props in my production I would expect, however still quite a few, these will be important as they will show some form of meaning towards the characters as well as having some form of significance towards the scene or shot. For the props themselves, to get them first you will need an idea on what  you’re actually after – this can be by making a list of the props that you’re after or require, followed by finding out where to get it – this can be through buying it on sites online such as eBay or Amazon, or out in public in a local shop, or even asking someone that already has the prop (or something similar) on them already.

Image result for film props
Film Biz Recycling (McElroy S, 26 August 2010)


The Production process of the short film will be during the week of the 5th of June giving me plenty of time to get all of the required footage ready for the 12th of June to start editing the footage in post-production. For the production stage, there will be a few skills and techniques required which will include cinematography, audio and directing as well as the positioning of the actors/cameras etc. This will be so that the scenes that I require can be filmed and ready for post-production. As well as this I will be trying to follow my production schedule to try and keep on-track with all of the different shoots for the short film, and know exactly where I need to be, and when I need to be in the certain location for them. Finally I will have some form of a check/tick list so that I can make sure that I have all the required equipment with me (such as the camera, the on-set microphone, the lighting etc.).


The main stage of post-production will include anything to do with editing and re-dubbing any audio. I want to focus a lot of time onto the editing to try and make it as perfect as possible and make sure that it is ready to be seen by a variety of different people once it has been distributed on the internet. I want to make sure that this short film is up to the highest quality possible, and without any mistakes, and to do that it will require full attention on any editing stages (whether that’s with audio or visual). For the editing stages, anything I need and don’t already know I will practice to try and make it as perfect as possible by the time that the post-production stage comes along.


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