Within this week I will be focussing entirely on my Final Major Project Initial Ideas. This will include the three ideas that I would like to do within my Final Major Project with a few patches of how they could be possible to produce.

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The Final Countdown (Indiana admin, 30 November 2013)

My Initial Idea

For my project, I originally thought about doing some kind of horror piece, a short film to do with horror, however I’ve lately been thinking quite a bit about what I really am interested in the most, and it is in fact Music more than anything. Looking at my poster that I created a while ago compared to the previous post (Progression Week), I’ve realised that there’s a lot more Musical related people/instruments/ideas that are in there more than anything, and from generally thinking I’ve been enjoying a lot of music lately too. In the bottom right of the poster I created there’s (from left to right) Tommy Henriksen, who is a music producer and guitarist, Alice Cooper, who is a singer songwriter and finally Jimi Hendrix who was a guitarist, singer, writer etc. Even then, to the left of the poster itself at the bottom you have Johnny Depp (my favourite actor) and he also plays guitar, same with the person on the left (Mark Fischbach/Markiplier) who has recently started learning to play the guitar, and then even at the top we have Lemmy Kilmister (who was the singer and Bass player of Motorhead but passed away back in December 2015) and there’s the Iron Maiden plane too (mainly to show I love travelling still). I’ve also included my favourite director in the poster who is Tim Burton who has close contact with some of the people I’ve shown on my poster and has worked alongside them for films such as Dark Shadows (2012).

Personally, I have a passion for a few things – Music, Editing and Producing. Music has always been a passion of mine since I was very young and started to learn guitar because of it. Editing caught onto me whilst I was about 8 years old and my friend showed me a video they created once, and producing is a favourite for me because it’s actually filming the proposed project. I would preferably like my project to be about all three of those in some way or another, whether it’s making a re-creation of a music video (possibly whilst also having a cover created of the song) or using some external footage from someone/something else to try and construct an edit or something completely different. There are a few different songs that I really enjoy listening to (especially lately), and there could suddenly be a song that I really like that I hear before the project as well, but once I’ve confirmed if I want to use that idea, that’s when I’ll start knuckling it down to a certain song to use, otherwise I will use another idea, or develop off of one of the ideas.

I feel like my ideas will all be somewhat a music video re-creation, as I think it would be quite fun to do personally, and will be able to showcase my skills of research, editing and cinematography. As well as this I will be able to show being a director as I will be able to express my vision from another creation.

Idea Number 1

Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video), (Queen Official, 2008)

For my first idea, I am considering producing a re-creation music video to Queen’s “I Want To Break Free”. I thought quite long and hard about this, and I felt that it would be quite a good video to try and re-create if I were to go through with it, and would involve a lot of different planning etc. needed to make it as perfect as possible.

I am considering making this to firstly show a variety of different camera shots, and try and incorporate as much of what I’ve learnt this year to try and re-create the video that I’ve chosen. I really like the concept of the video, and though it might seem a bit out of the ordinary, I thought it would be quite a good video to use. As well as this, I can show a variety of screen motion, different camera angles, make the editing work quite nicely and also I can use lighting techniques to make it as best as possible, as well as generally have some fun with it. I think overall it would be quite a good way to show the variety of different skills that I have learnt since joining the course rather than just using one certain skill, as personally I don’t like focussing on just one specific thing whilst creating something, I like to think of as many possibilities and different aspects that I could take hold of and try using. I also feel it would be good to try and add a bit of a twist to it as well to make it unique to myself.

This is an important one for me as it has a song that I particularly like in it, as well as also being a bit out of the ordinary, and can show a variety of different skills all in one video that will need to be researched into a lot of depth. I will also be able to show a variety of different skills that I have learnt and will be able to portray it in a unique way to a band that have a lot of past. I feel my idea was quite influenced by the lighting task from quite a few weeks ago where we were asked to try and re-create a shot from a film that we like, as I really enjoyed seeing all of the work that went into just one specific shot within a film, and I feel that it influenced this idea.

My target audience is general Queen Fans as well as more of an older generation of people, or even people that are from this time and like Queen music and their music videos. I feel it’s quite a mix for this as many people watch music videos at any age range, whether it’s a lot older, or around this time. This could bring some flashbacks around to some people as well that were around at the same sort of time.

Finally, the research that I will be carrying out is actually quite a lot – this will include location(s), finding people suitable for the video, costume, props, audio, certain effects that might be needed, health and safety, etc.

Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video), (Queen Official, 2008)

Idea Number 2

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Worzel Gummidge (Pinterest, No date)

My second idea is to try editing a common series on TV (either old or new) and twisting the genre, for example, making it into a horror trailer. I feel that this would be quite a good idea because it would then mean that I would be able to use quite a bit of research techniques to go through different series and find specific clips from them to try and compile into a new trailer for them, calling it “What if _____ was a horror movie?” for example.

I am considering making this for the main reason that it involves editing – I feel one of my favourite part of films and TV shows are editing, and it would have quite a bit of editing needed (specific audio would need to be edited, different clips would need to be edited to look right and in the correct place of the scene etc.). I also feel this would be quite creative and would also show a variety of audio and visual based skills within an edit.

This is important to me as it shows one of my key skills quite easily within this which is editing. As well as this it’s one of the first proper TV shows that I actually ever watched (if I chose Worzel Gummidge) and I feel it would be a good way to portray an idea of changing the genre through what I enjoy the most.

The target audience for this in specific would depend on the film/tv series that I would be using, if it was an older TV show (such as Worzel Gummidge) then I would focus it more on the older generation, however still make it fit with the younger generation as they are more likely to see videos such as “What if ____ was a horror movie?”, and if it was a newer series such as Benidorm then I feel it would have a wider audience as most people from the UK in the 21st Century know about Benidorm.

Finally, the research that would go into this would be quite long, and possibly quite dull – I would have to look through a variety of different “What if ____ was a horror movie?” trailers on YouTube, have a look at how they’ve done their research towards it, as well as then look through every episode as much as possible (probably from a certain season rather than the whole series as that would take a long time to look through) which could take hours upon hours.

Idea Number 3

My third and final idea is to try and create a short horror film to be able to show a variety of all of the skills that I’ve learnt.

I was inspired to try and create a short horror film by one of my favourite directors to start with, being Tim Burton, as well as also watching a variety of different short films on YouTube. I found one in specific that I thoroughly enjoyed by YouTuber “Markiplier” called “Horror”.

The importance of doing this is because I want to explore the Horror genre a lot more and in a lot more detail, as well as focus a bunch of my skills rather than just minimize it down to one skill. This will allow me to work to the best of my ability and be able to produce something I feel would be worth watching.

The target audience would be generalized at 17-25 year old’s as this will be distributed on YouTube. YouTube generally has an age range between 17 and 25, and obviously it will be more of a mix and have some younger viewers and some older viewers because YouTube is an open platform to anybody.

Finally, the research that would be going into this would include storyboarding so I would know exactly what to put in certain locations and know exactly what I will be doing, types of shots to use, scripting, etc. as well as also costume. If I’m going to be doing a recording from home or somewhere out in the UK at least, I need to make sure I’ve got a good costume for the character(s) so this will be a highlight one for me.

HORROR (Markiplier, 2017)

What I feel would be best for me

Personally, I feel that my first idea of trying to re-create Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” Music Video out of all three ideas would be the best for me. Personally I don’t like sticking to just doing one solid thing, and that would limit out doing my second initial idea – as much as I love editing, I wouldn’t want to focus my entire project on just editing when I could do so much more and make it quite entertaining in my own way. I also feel that the first idea would be the most creative for me to do for my project out of all of them. I also like the third idea that I have, but I feel that it would be best to do that in my own time rather than as a project, especially as currently the person within it would be tired a lot of the time and wouldn’t always be able to make every single shoot, meaning it would limit the amount of time there is to film every day (as he has had an operation recently on top of everything). I also feel that it would be quite a lot better to do my first idea rather than the others as it would involve multiple different aspects that I’m passionate about – music and general audio, camera work, editing and trying to re-create something that I find interesting myself. This is the main reason why I think it would be best for me. I also feel that the first initial idea would have a lot more research towards it compared to the other ideas as I would need to try and re-create most of the shots within the video, work out the best possible locations to film, work on different costumes etc.

I feel my mission is “To create entertainment through the power of editing and music”.

Idea I can’t do due to medical reasons:

My final idea is creating a music video for someone close to our family. The reason that I’ve decided to do this is because I have a good reason to do it, I’ve been personally requested to create a music video for him, and finally would be able to portray an idea from my head and make it quite imaginable and creative.

I am considering making this for a few reasons – the first one being that I was requested by our friend to create this music video for his latest song. The second reason is that he sadly has bone cancer which could only make him last a couple more years, and I want to try and make something incredible for him, and feel this would put in a lot of effort for myself and I would put literally everything into this. This also links to why it is important to me – he’s a close friend to the family, and I want to put a lot of effort into this. Even if I didn’t use this as my final project, I would still create the video either in my spare time or as part of one of the College Community Days.

The target audience for this would be quite the same, the music is made by two people in his song in total, so it would be more of an experimental audience. At this current time I’m not too sure on the target audience, however it could be literally anyone would watch this.

Finally, the research that I would be carrying out would be the locations to use, costumes, props, audio, different cameras and/or lenses, certain effects that could be needed. As well as this I would need to storyboard an idea and a vision based on the song that is out of the ordinary and quite unique to the song.

If this idea can’t go through properly due to health reasons, I feel it would be quite a good idea to try and create some form of video/music video towards a specific song that doesn’t actually have one yet so that I can try and use my creativity to try and create something somewhat entertaining towards a song of my choice, possibly from an artist such as Alice Cooper or The Dead Daisies and taking clips from different shows that people have posted online and mixing them together to show my editing side a bit more and try and make them work quite well together, or even try making a video to go along with a specific song by the artist which might work quite nicely as well.


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