Within this week, as I wasn’t here the previous week I have had to catch up on the first start to the Final Major Project work. This included creating a new “Who Am I?” Poster to show how I’ve developed from the first week at college as well as the specific skills that I have learnt since I’ve been here.

Within my poster, starting in the top left, we can firstly see that it is about the “Background” of me, where I grew up, a few facts about my family and what I enjoy – quite a simple and small section, however the first main part you’ll see is the UK – this is just to simply say I’m from the UK! There is also another part that you can see behind the word “Background” which is a picture of where I come from (for privacy reasons I’m not saying the location). After this, on the right hand side is a picture of a guitar (in specific, the one that I want and should be able to afford by May) which is a bit behind me – I originally started playing Guitar when I was 6 or 7 years old, and haven’t stopped since, and it’s become a big passion for me. I also thought about including Lemmy Kilmister (from Motorhead) as he used to be my dad’s flat mate in London back in the earlier days of his life, and has quite a past with my dad, and probably influenced a lot onto my dad with the type of music. My mum also has contacts nowadays more which I’ll be getting into soon.

Moving into the top middle, there is a picture of an airplane, in specific it’s the Iron Maiden plane, because I like the band, and this is simply to say that I enjoy travelling as much as possible – this is in the middle as I thought it kind of fits in with both my background and experiences that I’ve had, as I’ve helped in Music Productions up in Scotland.

The “Experiences” Section seems to be one of the most full-packed sections on this poster, and quite clustered together, not only to show I can be quite messy at times, but also to show the experiences I’ve had – this includes going to College at Canterbury College and studying Film & TV Production and learning a bit more about editing in Avid Media Composter, as well as how to slate. This also led me onto buying my new camera which we can see on the right hand side which is the Nikon D5500. As well as this we can see Photoshop, Premiere Pro and YouTube – whenever I’ve done anything with YouTube in the past couple of years it’s been Premiere Pro that I’ve used to edit the videos, sometimes I’ve spent anywhere up to 38 hours on editing one video, as well as creating a Thumbnail for the video in Photoshop. In the background of this is a music recording studio as well because I’ve started to get the experience creating my own music as I purchased a new product a while ago where I can start recording music onto my computer that I’m creating.

Finally on the poster is “Influences & Inspirations”. This section is for my Film Influences & for a few of my Musical Influences. First of all, ever since I was younger I’ve loved Disney Movies. Not all of them of course, but a majority of them, and that’s because me and my brother used to watch them literally all of the time, and by all of the time I meant any time we were not bickering over something, so it brings back a few memories and I still continued liking them even after he moved out as I grew up with them. On the left hand side it starts with Mark Fischbach (who is a YouTuber more commonly known as Markiplier) who created a short-film called “A Date with Markiplier” and it really influenced me on the specific genres that he used within it, whilst only using POV shots. This allowed me to start understanding more about the genres as well and allowed me to gain a few ideas for future projects that I might consider. Following onwards is my favourite film director, being Tim Burton – I like his work the most I think because I like his style, he always adds a twist or even something unordinary to what we would expect and I think that’s a great aspect to have within a film – adding the unordinary. I’ve also included my favourite actor being Johnny Depp, who is also a guitarist which not many people knew (he plays in the Hollywood Vampires mainly nowadays). I’ve then included Tommy Henriksen as he is actually a friend of ours, and is a great inspiration – he became a Music Producer as well as a Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist and so much more. I’ve also remembered to include my favourite singer – Alice Cooper. He’s my favourite as he has a unique twist to his performances and songs, and they’re actually written effectively as well, and it’s a mix of a theatrical performance and a music performance which I think is amazing. Finally, I’ve added one of the best guitarists that ever existed – Jimi Hendrix. Lately I’ve been listening to quite a lot of his songs and guitar riffs and they’ve started to get quite addicting and have made me start learning them too.

As well as this, I’ve produced a small fact sheet that shows the skills that I’ve learnt since being in Canterbury College and on this course in specific on Piktochart.

Continuing forward within this project, I’ve also started developing 3 initial ideas on what we could do for our Final Major Project, based on either something that we wanted to do, or based upon something to do with us (e.g. on our “Who Am I?” poster).