This post here is dedicated to Feedback and Reflection for Weeks 6 & 7.


Week 6

Within this week, our key product was to focus on Audio Production. I feel that this week went quite well despite never fully learning about Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production as a subject matter. Our task this week was simple, and allowed us to start understanding and developing our skills on the Audio-based project. We also developed our English skills by writing the script, which I really enjoyed as it allowed the sense of freedom to be shown, as well as show what we could do with a simple subject, and make it some-what humorous. The task this week also allowed us to find out more about the certain types of Pre-Production that is needed towards Audio problems, such as the different microphones, and the worst case scenarios for certain different elements (such as if the location is too busy and we can’t film there finding a new location). I feel the task went rather well, and feel that my end product for the task proved that.

Week 7

Within this week, our key focus was on Video Production. I feel that this task was a lot more enjoyable than the previous week, as I much prefer doing visual based tasks than Audio based tasks, however I thoroughly enjoyed both of the weeks. In particular, for this week I feel that it went surprisingly well, especially as the groups that we are usually in were different and were chosen for us. I feel that this was quite effective as we could work with people we don’t usually work with, which helped in the long run as we didn’t really know too much about how they create their productions, and can help us in the long run in the future (e.g talking to new people). I feel that this task actually went quite well. I’m not too sure on some of the shots that we captured due to the way they were filmed at the time, however I feel that the audio that was in the clips (e.g the phone ringing, etc.) really helped make it seem a lot more enjoyable as a whole. This in my opinion was a good task as it really allowed us to connect with more people and know a lot more about them, and find their strengths and weaknesses.


Rather than having people from around college do my feedback for this week, I wanted to get some feedback from the people that I speak to and create videos with online as I feel they will have some good feedback for me.

Week 6

Fraser – “I feel that Kai has worked well with this task, he has clearly shown within his blog post that he understands the task, however maybe a bit more detail would need to be added into the post to make it even better. I really enjoyed the final product that he created because it shows that he understood the post-production stage, and you could tell that the scene was situated in a restaurant. Well done!“.

Joe – “I really enjoyed what Kai produced, the sound effects worked very well with the audio in the production, and Kai has shown his editing is very effective, there could be a tiny bit more detail in the website post, but otherwise it is clearly displayed what Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production are and how he has used them. Super work!“.

Week 7

Fraser – “This week Kai has produced a much better blog post. The length of it is a lot longer than the previous blog post about Audio, and he has shown that he understands all of the different stages of pre-production, production and post-production. Kai working with another group this week also added a bit of a twist into his work as it’s not always the same people being used within the video over and over again. I really enjoyed this, great job!“.

Joe – “You can tell that Kai really enjoyed creating this website post a lot more, and he had fun producing the visual elements as well. I like how he has layed out his website post and can definitely see that he has put a lot of effort into this, and into his video as well.”.