This post is here and is dedicated towards Week 4’s Feedback & Reflection.

Reflection: I feel that this week was a really interesting and intriguing week (to me personally), I thoroughly enjoyed using the various different lighting techniques to try and re-create a scene, and overall it helped out so much with what we could do in future projects. The powerpoint that we were shown was filmed with information about how lighting is used differently in the film and tv industry, and I feel that just seeing that and trying it out for myself, I knew a lot more about lighting on that day than I had done in the past. I feel that I’m also able to overcome any sort of problems now, as we have worked out various different solutions to try and fix the problems that occur, as well as being able to comfortably speak about the different uses of light. Finally, from this week I was able to construct a much better knowledge, and was able to construct a re-creation of a scene with the help of people I don’t usually work with, which flowed quite well once it got started, and the only problems we had were on the beginning shoot, and the rest we got through a lot faster!

Marwan: This is a really good post Kai. First of all, I thought it was a good idea for you to start with the work you did before based on lighting, so that people who are reading this, knows how you have used lighting. You then went onto the problems of using it which is really good. You then went on Lighting from that powerpoint. I like the way you showed an example for most points so that if people do not really understand what is written, they can always lookmat it visually. You have chosen really good photos that goes with each points you have made clearly. On the 2 practicals, you analysed them both very well, with a good amount of detail for each. You clearly told the things the wnt right as well as what was wrong, so that people understand why it wasn’t as good. On the visual task, you have very well explained the use of colours and light for the 3 pictures you have chosen and you have very well analysed your re-production of your chosen photo using the lights in which it could have positioned on the original photo. Really good blog post, well done!