This post is dedicated to reflective writing and feedback from anything to do with Week 3.

Reflective Writing

Within this week we have been focussing on Audio Skills. Even though audio isn’t one of my favourite subjects, I still enjoyed the majority of this week as it allowed my audio skills to progress even further, and gave me a little bit of a better knowledge to do with audio in general.

Currently I do audio things from home (for example whilst I play guitar and practise, sometimes I have a microphone plugged in as well and it’s a cardioid one to prevent picking up anything from directly in front of me and behind the microphone) and I also create videos in my spare time (whether it’s a gaming related video or something that’s just generally for fun) and I have to change the settings on my current microphone at home that plugs into my computer (which is a Blue Yeti microphone. Using this in the past gave me some prior knowledge to part of this weeks tasks, and I also work in a music shop at this time where I test out equipment and have always been musical so I know quite a bit about the variety of different microphones and their polar pick up patterns etc.

I feel this week went rather well with a few ups and downs. The main problem we encountered within the week was trying to get a certain sound effect, or even getting someone to voice a line. It didn’t take more than 2 takes to get a line from someone speaking, it was just that nobody wanted to use their voices, so it ended up mainly being myself and Kyle do the voices. Another issue was finding the correct location where there wasn’t much background noise, however we found that we could use a certain area rather effectively.

I feel this week was quite productive and worked well as it allowed my audio skills to improve, and I was able to gather a better understanding of some off-screen sound that could be used in future projects.


Marwan: This is a really good post. You have explained everything with a decent amount of detail, it is really understandable for others about what you say. It was a good thing that you first talked about the problems of recording something as on you would talk about your practical, and how well was the sound.The use of images makes people uderstand more about what you are writing. Your analysis of the practical task is very detailed.You have clearly explained what you right and what you did wrong. Overall, I think this is a really good post, Well done!