This post is dedicated towards my reflective writing and formative feedback.

Reflective Writing

After completing the post this week, I feel that there are a few advantages and disadvantages about the post itself – some that I heavily enjoyed, and some that I didn’t like as much.

As much as I love the Social Media industry, I feel writing about them in this way was a very long project idea, after writing about my favorites (YouTube/Twtter etc.) I feel I slowly began to feel a bit drained of my energy, and I didn’t like some of the other platforms as much from prior experience using them.

Especially as this whole week from start to finish I’ve been fairly ill, I haven’t had as much energy writing these posts compared to what I usually do, and the illness still hasn’t gone away that I’ve currently got at the time of writing this post, and it’s caused me to feel somewhat feel I didn’t put as much effort into this post as I usually do, but in the end I did try my hardest with the condition that I’m currently in for it.

The post itself I heavily enjoyed at the start as it involved two things I use every single day of my life: YouTube & Twitter. They are some of my favourite platforms out there at the moment because I really enjoy the idea of being able to share a video that I’ve created to the world, and maybe it could possibly be seen and one day go somewhere in some direction. I also use Twitter every single day as it’s a way of interacting with some of my friends, and some people that watch some of my videos on YouTube, and I can easily see other peoples current days which I feel is quite interesting as I can see what they’ve been up to for example.

Once it started getting towards the middle of the Facebook part in this post, my energy started to disappear, and whether that was because of the illness kicking in a bit or because I didn’t enjoy that part of the post as much, I started to lose my energy to do with the post and found it hard to continue writing about the post itself.

I feel the main part about this post that I enjoyed was researching into the history of these social media platforms, and how they actually came around – I feel that was rather interesting as it showed me how much a simple pitch can become, or even sometimes a small side-project from general life can become.

Formative Feedback

Lydia: Well done Kai! You’ve really looked into the origins of lots of different social medias.I like how you have included screenshots of the platforms as they have developed. Its very obvious you know what you are talking about when it comes to these different sites. Your layout is easy to navigate, as it easy to see the specialties of the site and the pros and cons so they can easily be compared. Keep it up! 🙂