Within the next three weeks, we will be working on our Hello Project. The project itself is entirely up to us on how we end up creating it, however we have been given a specific guideline to our project: We can only use the word “Hallo” or “Hello”, and it is the only word we’re allowed to use within the production itself. Music is allowed and sound effects from online are allowed to be used, but this is the main requirement that must occur.

Image result for Hallo
Hallo! (dasacoaching, No date)


There are a variety of different communication methods that could be used for the project itself. For me. I’ve decided to use video as personally I feel it is the most effective, and the best way to show the skills that I have learnt since starting the course itself. The options within using video allows me to experiment with what I’d like to try and create from the ideas in my head, and I feel it would provide a much better way at communicating due to the fact I can have certain different angles, take advantage of trying Foley Sound effects, over-dubbing and seeing what I can get with both natural light and some form of other lighting effects. There are various other options such as using radio, however, with that it would just be an audio track and I feel it wouldn’t be able to express as much emotion as I thought would be a great way of communication.

Research Plan

For my project, I have an idea within my head that I feel could be fairly successful. My idea is:

To start with I feel that filming in a forest would fit my scene very well, and luckily around here there are quite a few that you’re allowed to film in. To start with in my scene, there’s an Extreme Close-Up of a persons eyes opening suddenly with the possible sound effect like a “boom” effect with some background music starting slowly and starting to get more intense as the scene goes on. After the first shot, I feel it would be quite a good idea to have an Establishing Shot of the forest to set the location of where this person has suddenly woken up. I then want the camera to start as a Close-Up, however begin to transition into a Dutch Angle shot of the person who just woke up looking some-what terrified or even confused. I then want there to be a rustling sound effect from behind a tree, possibly with a Close-Up shot of someone’s shoe standing on a branch and then I like the idea of the starting character pulling themselves up and shuffling backwards towards a tree, to then start saying “Hallo…?” in a weaker toned voice. I then have the idea of there being a Point Of View shot of the characters eyes following the sounds that are heard, possibly having the sound being played in one ear to the other to make it seem like something quickly moves. After this I feel like a wide shot would be a good idea as it would allow the use of showing more of the scene itself, followed by more “Hallo!?”‘s from the main character. Afterwards, I like the idea of having a Close-Up/Over the Shoulder Shot so you can see the character in fronts expression whilst behind him suddenly appears the mysterious sound effect (which is someone in a tall, dark coat) who is holding something such as an axe. I feel following from here would be a good time to use a high angle shot from behind the person holding the axe to make the main character look and seem weak, and whilst this is happening the main character turns and looks up. This is then followed by a low angle shot from the other side to show the figure, and the figure would say “Hallo…” in a deep and evil toned voice, followed by a shot of an axe swinging towards the main character (which would be the camera in this case) however would act as a Point of View shot, this would then be followed by darkness and possibly a screaming sound.

To portray an idea of my scene itself, I created a storyboard, as shown below in next 4 images:


In case you can’t read my writing:
Shot 1:
Description/Dialogue: Eyes open – sudden, look frightened, eyes must be seen – fear.
Camera Angle: Extreme Close-Up
Shot 2:
Description/Dialogue: Establishing shot to set the scene/location. Forest
Camera Angle: Establishing Shot/POV
Shot 3:
Description/Dialogue: Main character laying down on the leaves looking scared + confused.
Camera Angle: Close-Up moving into a Dutch Angle shot. Zooming out


In case you can’t read my writing:
Shot 4:
Description/Dialogue: A sound is heard off a “crack” behind a tree on a branch/leaves.
Camera Angle: Close-Up on shoes
Shot 5:
Description/Dialogue: Pulls self up – “Hallo…?”
Camera Angle: Mid-Close-Up, left third
Shot 6:
Description/Dialogue: Shot from characters eyes following the sounds heard.
Camera Angle: POV, Fast pan


In case you can’t read my writing:
Shot 7:
Description/Dialogue: Shouting “Hallo!?” multiple times in a panicked voice.
Camera Angle: Wide shot – left third.
Shot 8:
Description/Dialogue: Figure turns up behind the tree, and person with “axe” (now branch/log)
Camera Angle: Over the Shoulder/Close-Up
Shot 9:
Description/Dialogue: Person turns around.
Camera Angle: High angle


In case you can’t read my writing:
Shot 10:
Description/Dialogue: Figure: “Hallo” in an evil/deep voice.
Camera Angle: Low angle
Shot 11:
Description/Dialogue: Axe (now branch/log) is swung at “person” (camera)
Camera Angle: Close-Up/POV
Shot 12:
Description/Dialogue: Scene ends in darkness – possibly with a scream.
Camera Angle: N/a

After looking into it further, I’ve decided to change the axe to a tree trunk/log that we could find within the woods itself, and to avoid any sort of troubles that could occur.


The location that I plan on using is a forest, in total there are a few forests within Kent that we could travel to and are actually near.

Woods in Eastern Kent (Google Maps, No date)

The forests listed above are not the only woods around this part of Kent, they’re the main ones. In total there are roughly 7 different forests:

  • Forest View Farm
  • New Forest Farm
  • Thornden Wood
  • Wealden Forest Path
  • Blean Woods
  • East Blean Woods
  • Bluebell Forest

I’ve decided to go with Blean Woods, as it’s the closest to everyone within my production team, and I’ve been there before, and know parts that could work very well with my specific scene, you’re publicly allowed to film and take photos whilst you are there, as well as being so large that you could film in a place that someone probably wouldn’t turn up at.


I plan on having two different costumes within this scene – one for the person who was originally being chased, and one for the attacker and to create a visual representation, I’ve drawn an idea for what they could look like.


For the character on the left (the main character within this scene), starting from the top, I feel the very messed up hair would be appropriate as it would show they’ve been running, possibly collapsed and presents an idea of restlessness. To create this, I would use a lot of hairspray. I also included the fact that I wanted the flesh wound to be part of the costume as well, as it would show that it’s only recently occurred and would represent an idea maybe it was slashed open whilst previously running through the forest. Moving a little bit further down in the image, I included a plain white shirt that’s both torn and ripped in places as well as being fairly dirty, to represent the idea of maybe they’ve been in the forest for a while and they’ve torn it on previous occasions before getting to the spot where the scene opens. I also like the idea of having random cuts/scratches/wounds in some of the rips to possibly show the gauge that’s been opened from previous occasions. I also decided to include black/rough jeans for the character itself because I feel it would work in a similar way, and represent an idea of darkness and fear.

For the character on the right (who will be the attacker within the scene), starting from the top, I feel a dark hood or some form of a hat would be fairly effective as it would create more of a shadow on the characters face to represent the mystery towards the scene itself, and would seem like something a “thug” would wear, and you wouldn’t see their true face. I then feel the dark toned scarf, or even some form of a snood would be fairly effective as it would hide another part of the head or even the neck as well, and over the top of a black coat to show this person is fairly dangerous. The dark gloves are only a possibility, however, I feel if gloves would be used within the scene, leather gloves would probably be most effective compared to other materials because it would show more of an evil side towards the character rather than normal gloves which would show they could just be cold. As you most likely wouldn’t see their shoes or jeans within the scene, I just simply wrote “black jeans” for the time being. Finally, I included the branch or log prop that we would be getting from the forest itself as this is the attackers “weapon”.


Rather than using equipment within the scene itself, I’d prefer to use some form of natural lighting as it would be quite hard to lug the lighting into a forest to start with and have it somewhat effective as we would be shooting in daylight, because to be on the safe side, if we were in a forest at night, we would have no idea what could happen in simple terms. As well as this, we would need some form of external battery component which could work, but would most likely be fairly heavy. The only lighting that could be used as an extra could be cordless battery powered LED lighting, like we did in Week 6 as an experiment, to create some parts of the Three Point lighting, however in my personal opinion I’d like to test out the natural lighting effects within my production to get an idea of what it’s actually like to use the sun as lighting, and the effects we would receive from between the  trees could be fairly useful and add a bit more of a mystery and horror aspect towards the production.

Editing/Camera Technique

Within the scene itself, I had the idea of possibly darkening the footage, or even changing the light levels on the camera whilst we’re out on the location, to be able to add more of a horror aspect, whether this is through editing afterwards within Avid or through the actual camera, I feel it would be an idea if it’s not already dark enough within the shot to be able to try something like that out.

As well as this, we would have to heavily focus on white balance being used within the shot to try and keep the colours looking as natural as possible, otherwise the final edit could look three different colours: parts could be an orange tint, parts could be a blue tint and parts could look fairly natural. To avoid having different tints, we would practise balancing the colours whilst we are on location by using pictures, otherwise we could have a difficulty!


To get an idea of the best time to record the production itself, we heavily need to rely on that the weather forecast is correct, otherwise it could all go downhill very quickly.

BBC Weather – Blean (BBC, No date)
BBC Weather – Blean (BBC, No date)

I feel that the best day according to BBC Weather to film would be Tuesday, as we can take advantage that the lighting would be the same throughout the majority of the day, mainly due to the fact that the sun would be out a lot more, whereas Wednesday says that it will be a mix of sunshine and cloudy which would create a negative effect, and sometimes the lighting wouldn’t be the same for the scene.

To check that the weather could be the same, I’ve looked onto AccuWeather as well just to be sure with another source.

Weather in Blean (AccuWeather, No date)

One issue is that the weather could easily change out of nowhere, and could completely mess up the production for this day in particular, and a reschedule may be required to another sunny day within the week in case it started raining a lot for example.


The main props that I feel that would be used within the scene itself would be:

  • Leaves
  • A tree branch/log

I feel these would be the main two props, as everything else would already be in the woods/forest itself, and as well as this, the props that I’ve required to be there would already be there, it’s just the matter of either finding them which shouldn’t be too hard as it’s autumn and all the leaves are falling off the trees. The leaves will be for the actual scene itself, where the character is laying on them, and the tree branch/log will be for the “attacker” within the scene. Both are free of cost, however might take a little bit of finding for the right tree branch/log, but it shouldn’t be too hard as I’ve visited the location before various times, and there’s always some on the floor in the majority of the location.

Critical Perspective Report


The genre that I would like to use within this and mainly focus on would be some form of horror aspect as it’s what I’ve recently studied within my time on this course, and I feel I could make something work effectively through the use of the genre itself, building up tension within the scene, and to start it off with some form of mystery – straight into the action.


I plan on using the colouring and lighting to my advantage, as well as using the costume to symbolise some form of mystery towards the scene as soon as it begins. The blooded/ripped shirt that I plan to use can produce an idea of horror sufficiently. The blood can symbolise the sense of danger and make it easier for the audience to see that something has occurred prior to the scene, the locations colouring symbolises some form of joy to start with, however I plan on changing the colour so it’s a little bit darker to fit the scene a little bit more to represent a better feeling of danger. Body language is an important aspect within this as well, I hope to represent how it’s rather calm to start off with, however instantly becomes tense by a different approach. I feel that expressions are probably quite good to include within it, as they will allow the audience to decode some form of fear and confusion that the character could be expressing.

Mise-en-Scene & Narrative

I plan on using one main prop within this production – a branch. To come across this, it’s easiest to go to the location itself to be able to find one within the forest itself, and as I’ve been there before I know it’s fairly simple to find them. Any sound that I include within the production would be used from online, as well as Foley sounds that I’ve created myself, and also to dub-over the words “Hello” as the original sound would not be good enough at all.

I plan on creating a linear narrative, to start with – the beginning is inspired by LOST (2004) with the idea of somebody waking up in the middle of nowhere. The main difference with this one is that the beginning of the narrative and why they are there isn’t actually included in this – it would be originally they would’ve been chased through the forest, ripped their shirt and part of their skin open (hence the costume) and followed by what the scene includes. I liked the idea of using a sense of mystery towards the scene itself as it could get the audience wondering instantly what would’ve happened to get them there like that.

Contextuality Report

There are various things that effect the production that I’m creating:


Money is an important factor to the project itself. There is a limit on how much we have as we’re only students, and we can’t really just randomly have hundreds of pounds appear out of nowhere, it’s physically not possible. We have to go with what we have – a camera, a microphone, a reflector, and cheaper props, possibly even custom-made at home. For me, I simply bought a £2 shirt from Primark and covered it in fake blood and ripped it with some scissors at home. Then on location hit it around a bit and put some dirt on it etc. to make it look a tiny bit less white, and a bit more dirty. Of course, we also have to live, so money was more important to be spent on food and drink than our first production, as once again – we’re only students.

For any travel that was required for the week, we simply purchased a £22 South East Week Pass from Stagecoach, as it allowed us to get around the whole of the South East (only by Stagecoach of course) and allowed us to get to various different locations with some form of simplicity to try and keep our time managed.


Time was a limiting factor within this. Each of us only had allocated to us one, maybe two at most day(s). This was due to us all helping out each other, and trying to stick to a schedule that we made (some parts were changed due to unexpected inconveniences). There are only a certain amount of days within the week that we can film, and for some specific locations we needed to have specific weather conditions etc. and had to get to some locations at certain times to get the right shots, and make sure there were not too many people within the location itself. Also a major part of time is that we only had one week to complete the recordings themselves, which meant we were limited on what we could do within the week, and some people had work so it limited what we could do within that day.


As shown above is a screenshot from our schedule that we created within a Google Spreadsheet that we could all have access to at any time of the day – as shown, the first day we plan to spend it in College filming Marwan’s Hello Project. On the second day, we plan on working on mine to start with in the Woods, followed by a bus journey to Dover to film part of Sara’s. On Wednesday, we plan on travelling to Herne to film Lydia’s Hello Project, followed by a bus to Petham to start filming Kyle’s Hello Project. On Thursday, we plan on spending the morning in part of Ashford, followed by a bus to another part of Ashford to be able to finish filming Sara’s Hello Project. On Friday, we plan on getting any Foley sounds and any audio that we need completed for the productions.

Production Diary

To keep track of everything that we’ve done within the last week, I’ve created a Production Diary so everything that has been done can be shown.


The first day has commenced of helping out with the Hello Project! Today we’re starting work in Canterbury College to help produce Marwan’s Hello Project.


To start with, we arrived early morning (at about 8:30am) to make sure we were there, and we could hire out any equipment which we needed. We hired the camera, an LED light, a tripod, a reflector, a clapperboard and a microphone recorder. We started filming just after 9am outside the front of the college, and we filmed out there for around 40 minutes to get all of the outside footage that we needed for Marwan’s production as he requested, and took various different takes until we got one that he liked. We then followed onwards by just inside the college itself. This was a bit of a difficult one as Marwan didn’t want too many people to be within the shots, so we ended up changing the location of the “entrance” for his production and filmed this part later in the day when it was a little less busier. We then progressed to go upstairs and film just outside the Media Department within the building itself to start work on another part of his scene and spent about 1 hour and 15 minutes in the location to be able to get all of the shots that he would need for the ending of his scene. After this we walked over to Wincheap to find some specific props for other days whilst we were on our break, we were unsuccessful with this part due to the shops that we needed being closed and ended up purchasing them online instead. We also went to get lunch for just over an hour and then headed back to the college.


At about 2pm, we continued work on Marwan’s Project. We chose a quieter place within the college to film the middle of his production as it was easier and there were not as many people, especially whilst most people were in classes during the recording of this part of the day, or out for lunch. We spent just over an hour filming this part, and took various different shots to meet Marwan’s expectations, and followed it onwards by having a final check over the footage to see if there was anything that needed doing, or changing in any way, and we finished the day just after 3:30pm.


Today we’re staring off by heading into Canterbury firstly to have everybody meet up to get to the exact right location for my Hello Project, and then later in the day we’re heading over to Dover to be able to film Sara’s Hello Project.


To start with, we all met up in Canterbury at 8:30am to then catch a bus towards Whitstable and Blean so that we could head into part of the woods in that location to begin filming my Hello Project! The weather was both against and on our side for this day in particular! To start with, it was the perfect weather-conditions to be able to get the right lighting, there wasn’t a single cloud in the skies, and the sun was out in a decent location to be able to film my production. By about 9am we were on location, and began setting up to get ready to start filming the production itself. The biggest problem for this day was that the temperature managed to go below 0 degrees Celsius… It managed to reach a higher temperature later in the day, however, at the start of the day, my costume in particular was a white t-shirt, which ended up being freezing! However, it was completed successfully, and we managed to get all the shots done within around an hour and a half of filming and preparing for the production itself (which was great as it meant the coldness could disappear rather quickly and everything was how I wanted it!).

After filming my production, we headed back into Canterbury to be able to grab some lunch, and to be able to move onto our next location for the day: Dover.


Our bus left Canterbury at approximately 11am, which meant we were easily on-schedule, and we were ready for our hour coach to Dover, followed by a connecting bus to be able to get to our specific location. The bus arrived into Dover just before 12pm, and we had to wait for about half an hour for a connecting bus to take us as close to our location as possible. We had to get to St Margaret’s Bay which is just between Dover and Deal on the cliffs, and then we had to walk for about 15 minutes to get to our specific location which was this abandoned place, which was originally for World War II – a hidden ammunition shelter that became abandoned. The location itself we originally only expected to be a small room as our secondary source spoke to us about the location through Facebook, however we then explored around a little bit to find out that it’s a lot bigger than we originally expected. We filmed within the location until what we thought was 3:30pm, however for some reason our phones changed us into GMT+1 as it thought we were in France for some reason, so it was actually about 2:30pm, and our bus was at 2:50pm., and after we had received all of our shots we headed back to Canterbury to get to our connections to go to wherever we live, and ended up arriving into Canterbury at approximately 4pm.


Within this day, we expected we would be doing more than one project, however we only managed to get one complete due to unexpected inconveniences. Today we were focussing on completing Lydia’s Hello Project, followed by getting Kyle’s Hello Project complete, however, we only managed to get part of his complete due to the unexpected inconveniences.



To start with, myself and Sara got a bus into Herne Bay arriving at roughly 8:45am to get ready for the start of Lydia’s Hello Project. Whilst we were there we waited in Lydia’s house for a bit whilst we waited for Marwan & Kyle’s bus to arrive (which arrives at approximately 9:30am). At about 9:50am we then got on another bus towards Herne to be able to use their woods for Lydia’s project, as it was a bit different to the other woods, and ended up arriving there at about 10:10am. The day itself was even colder than Tuesday to start with, it ended up being around -3 degrees Celsius, and it was actually freezing, however we trekked through the production itself and got it completed by about 11:30am, and then we caught another bus back to Herne Bay to take back any props that we took with us originally (as we took a chair for example, and we didn’t want to carry that around for the rest of the day), and we then followed onwards by getting a bus into Canterbury to prepare for our next location.


Sadly, we had to make a massive change of plans due to an incredibly unexpected inconvenience that occurred whilst we were on our way, and we had to quickly change location and some of our original plans and end the production a little bit earlier. For this in particular, we headed back to Blean Woods at about 12:30pm to at least get part of it done, and we were finished by about 2pm for this part in particular (as we needed a house as well) and continued his project the next day. For this in particular, we went back to Canterbury to make any connections, and we got ready to film the next day.


Today our main task was to finish off any of the productions that we hadn’t completed already in Ashford, and get to work on Sara’s Hello Project, as well as complete Kyle’s project now as well, as we couldn’t on Wednesday.

For today, we started off terribly. My bus was cancelled so I had to get a lift into Canterbury otherwise I wouldn’t be able to make it in time for our connection, and then the next problem occurred where Lydia’s bus didn’t turn up and we had to wait a little bit longer and catch a different bus. We were panicked, however, thankfully Stagecoach were there to help us out… not. Their official app said that we would be able to catch a bus at 8:48am to Faversham and catch a connection in time, so we got on the bus, and they only went and changed the number of the bus after the first stop, which meant we were going a longer route in general and we missed our connection by about half an hour, we were then greeted by lovely traffic all throughout Faversham which almost made us miss another connecting bus… luckily we got through in time, and ended up arriving at about 9:35am, and had a 15 minute wait until our next bus towards Ashford. Finally we ended up arriving in Ashford at about 11:20am, and we got to Sara’s house by about 11:30am. We waited until about 12:15pm so that we could get all of the stress out of our heads of being about 2 hours late, and we relaxed for a little bit, and rather than heading straight to a location we spent time filming the indoors parts for her production rather than heading straight out. This took us until about 2:45pm, and allowed us to relax down and then set off to our next location which was the old Railway Depot in Ashford.


We took a bus towards Ashford International Station which is quite close to the old Railway Depot and we found a spot just outside that we were allowed to film on, having us arrive at about 3:20pm. We got everything that we needed to be done in this location complete by about 3:45pm and we then progressed to walk towards a bridge close to Sara’s house to be able to try and complete part of the scene. The main problem was we were limited on time due to daylight, as well as due to the fact that school had just ended and a bunch of school kids suddenly appeared at this sort of time, so we had to try and doge it as much as possible and try and get as much of it completed as possible. Luckily we managed to get this part done fairly quickly, and we were finished by about 4:20pm.

We then had to move onto another location towards Cineworld in Ashford, and as we know, myself + Stagecoach = not a great idea. I managed to take them the completely wrong wrote because Stagecoach managed to say “Oh yes, this is the correct route” even though it clearly wasn’t, we got off the coach about 15 minutes of a walk away and walked towards the place we needed to be instead. We ended up arriving to the location at about 5:15pm, which wasn’t too bad as we could still get everything we needed done, as it needed to be night for this specific shot which was good. After we completed (about 10 minutes later) we started walking towards another bus stop as Stagecoach also said to go to this one as it would take us to where we would want to go, and we ended up getting back to the railway station at about 6:10pm… Not too bad, however, we then got on what said it was the correct bus, and we managed to find out that it in fact wasn’t the correct one, taking us all the way towards Kennington… We even managed to get the same bus driver that we had about an hour prior to this! Finally at about 7pm we managed to get the correct bus back towards a similar location, and finally at about 8pm we got back to Sara’s house, checked over all of the footage from the week that we’d been filming, and started working on ideas on what we could do for Friday if we needed anything to be completed..


As of today, the 6th of December, the Hallo Project is completed and fully edited to be as effective as possible! I will admit, some parts of it were tough, and some parts were very enjoyable as I was able to learn some new skills, work within a team and collaborate on our projects, and as well as this we were able to create something that is effective. Within this part of the post, I will be answering various questions that I’ve come up with to evaluate my research, and my final product.

Was my Research Effective?

From my research plan, I followed the majority of it the whole way through, and was able to portray my idea that I created a storyboard about in some real footage. The storyboard was very similar to my final product, of course, it wasn’t exact, however I was able to express various different shots and emotions within the production itself.

The Location

The location itself was great in my personal opinion, on my way to meet everyone else, I was thinking about the correct entrance we should go into to be able to start filming, and in the end I decided it would be easiest to get into Rough Common (which is connected to Blean Woods) as there was a bus stop very close by, and it was the easiest to access and get into without any hastle. As I’ve visited the woods various times, I was very lucky as I already knew the perfect locations to film, and before that I visited the location to check if it was still how it usually was, finding an easy entrance.

The Costume

I tried to keep the costume as simple as possible to prevent having to spend a lot of money, as obviously we are students and couldn’t spend loads. The costume for my character (who was the main character in the production) was a simple white shirt that was ripped, and in the end we decided to stick quite a bit of fake blood over it as well to make it look like something serious had happened, and chucked it around in the dirt for a few minutes as well. The hair wasn’t as “insane” as I wanted it to be, it pretty much looked how it usually does on me to be honest, but that didn’t matter too much as it still worked, and still looked fairly messy.

The attacker costume wasn’t 100% what I wanted it to be, however still worked, and I used some colours to my advantage within the character as well. I made the character look a bit more casual on the day, as obviously we’re working with what we’ve got, so I lent Kyle (who was the actor in this part) my jacket for it, made sure that he didn’t have his Nike logo showing up anywhere, and used the red hood to an advantage of saying “it represents danger”. I ended up removing the scarf/snood from the characters costume as you wouldn’t be able to see them say “Hello” which is what I wanted to be clearly shown, and to result this I made sure the eyes were missing in the shots to represent a better idea of “mystery”.


For the lighting within my shots, I was very lucky to be honest, I was so grateful that the weather was great and there were no clouds to act as a diffuser to the sun, and it allowed me to take advantage of using natural lighting to my effect. I also decided to change the lighting levels within Avid itself as it would allow me to make it seem a little bit darker than it actually was in the day, as when we went it was 9am and it was quite bright in the forest, however some of the sunlight was missing due to the trees and the few leaves that were still left. I didn’t use the LED that we hired for the week either as I preferred the idea of using the natural lighting, and it worked fairly effectively, which also allowed me to create an idea of a silhouette too.

Editing/Camera Technique

In the end, I didn’t use much towards changing the lighting levels on the camera itself, as some places could look a little bit darker within the scenes themselves from changing the light levels within it, so I decided to only use the editing technique for this to change the lighting levels to make it more dark, as then I could make it look the same level of lighting all the way throughout rather than having a random different level every now and then. I really enjoyed the editing as it’s something I really enjoy, and I could express some of my skills into it.


Thankfully the weather was similar to what it actually said on the day we went to film my production. The only difference was the temperature. It ended up being -1 Degrees Celsius which made the conditions to film in not brilliant, however we pulled through and continued filming it to try and make it as effective as possible. Even then it kind of worked to the advantage as well to create a sense of fear from some parts where I might have been shaking. I don’t think it was too noticeable within my final product, however I tried my best to work on it.


I used two different music tracks within my production. Both were from Epidemic Sounds (which is a music site with some unique tracks to it that you don’t usually find in some places). The reason I chose two is because I couldn’t work out which one would be most effective to be honest, however I also thought about it in the way that it could start off with more of a calm tone to it, however as tension builds up it gets stronger and stronger until it released within the tracks.


I also used a dubbing method to my advantage as well. I watched over my footage and did 4 takes for each and tried saying “Hello?” for my main character until I got it as perfect as possible, and I also did “Hello…” for the second character and lowered the pitch in Audacity for it to sound a bit less like myself. For any sound effects I searched for them online to act as Foley Sound rather than creating them myself, as some of the sound effects were quite hard to come across to be able to do that.

What to improve next time

Next time I feel that a main improvement could be to try and get some better shots with the acting, or make it seem a bit more horrific through the use of special effects etc. I might also take advantage of using different camera methods for example, symmetry, leading lines etc. and make sure everything is in the right place, and even if I am happy with something, take it again in case I can get it somewhat better.

In general, I feel like the project went fairly well – personally, it’s not how I expected it to turn out, however I still like what I’ve been able to create with the footage that we shot for this. I would like to try a bit more of the horror aspect if I get the chance to, as when it came to editing this I started coming up with different ideas completely that could be fairly effective for a short horror scene, and after watching a few different videos on YouTube, it made me think of some new ideas. I also started to gain a few more ideas with what I could do in future projects whilst editing in Avid as I learnt a few more things on what I could actually do, and it built up ideas in my head for what I could actually do in the future.

Next time rather than being an actor within mine, I’d like the idea of working on the camera as well so I would be able to test some more of my camera skills rather than just focus on being a director and actor. As well as this, I only worked on the camera partly within my production and for part of Marwan’s production. Next time I’d like the idea of trying out a different method of lighting, and seeing a big project that we would be doing would be just before summer, I’d like the idea of using different lighting techniques and maybe messing around with different lighting rigs to be able to make something that is effective, and also to test out 3 point lighting.


Marwan: May I just say, i really enjoyed reading Kai’s blog. I felt that he put a lot of work into it from start to finish. It was a pleasure to have been part of his project for helping him. He did a good job during the filming, the storyboard really was bought to life in the exact same way. I enjoued reading his production diary. He clearly explains what he did each day in a decent amount of detail. I think overall, he has done a great job from everything he had planned, to the filming, to his final video as shown on the blog, this really shows that he has worked hard and I am sure he is happy with his final result. Well done!

Finally, what we’ve been waiting for, here is my Hello Project:

The crew involved: Kai Ross-Best, Sara Jeffrey, Lydia Reeves, Kyle Alford & Marwan Boudanga.


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