This post is for my Reflective Writing & Peer Feedback.

Within this week, we’ve been focusing on three different topics in particular:

  • Editing Research
  • Representation
  • Working Practices

Editing (Software) Research

I feel that this was probably one of my most favourite parts of the week as it allowed me to give my own knowledge towards actual editing softwares, and me personally: I love editing. It also allowed me to search and learn more about various other editing softwares that I haven’t even heard of before, giving me a lot more knowledge towards the specific software. I was able to express my opinions on the software based on information provided, and even give examples towards some that I’ve used in the past and some that I currently use.

I like the idea of the various different editing software that’s out there currently as it allows people to choose which editing software they would want to learn, and allows them to upgrade to better editing softwares, and for me, I’d experienced going from Windows Movie Maker back in the early days, to Sony Vegas, to Movie Studio Platinum, back to Sony Vegas and then finally transitioning over to Adobe Premiere Pro at this current time (and of course Avid for the college work).


Representation was one of the subjects that I liked, but wouldn’t say that it was one of my most enjoyable ones. I struggled to find some clips from TV shows that I found as stereotype and countertypes – this would be due to the fact that I don’t really watch much TV, as well as the fact that I couldn’t find general stereotypes from current British TV shows as I mainly watch YouTube videos rather than TV, and the odd TV show such as “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” but even then I don’t really watch it.

The actual subject itself I found was quite good as it allowed us to find out rough ideas of stereotypes and countertypes that we could use within any sort of Filming projects that we could be creating in the future, and gave us rough ideas of how we could portray them with clothing, what they look like etc.

Working Practices

I feel like this subject was quite a good one as well for this week as it allowed us to get a rough idea of the different type of working practices that are out there, as well as allow me to find out different ways that I could get some form of work out there in the industry itself.

I fee that the part of this subject in particular that I liked the most was the part of what we could be doing within our “Career Timeline”. The reason I enjoyed this part the most was because it allowed me to actually think what I would like to do in the future, as well as get rough ideas on how I could physically show what I wanted to do in the future, such as filming parts of my life, editing on the go, and if all couldn’t work too well, possibly go to University in Brighton or even edit for artists that are out there that I know and work my way up from there.

Peer Feedback

Kyle: The blog itself is well written and very informative. I enjoyed the personal views expressed as it gave me an insight as to how he feels about each software. The reviews themselves were very in-depth and well structured. I benefited from the way it was written as at the beginning he spoke about what he was going to be doing which gave me a general idea of what to expect. The overall punctuation and grammar was outstanding and was a pleasure to read.

The blog was well structured and included all the information that was needed. I agreed with the examples given and enjoyed watching them. Although the only issue I had was that you forgot to put an image of Gramski.