This is the feedback and reflection blog post for Week 4.

Within this week, we’ve done various different interesting subjects to do with the camera. I really liked this weeks task as I love everything to do with the camera.

Personally, I feel the part I liked the most within this week would have to be the Research Plan on Camera Technology and how the camera has developed over time. It allowed me to understand more about how the camera has progressed and how it originally started it’s life and came around. It also allowed me to find out about different types of cameras and how they’ve progressed, as well as how much they’ve developed quality wise allowing me to put my own knowledge about the quality into it.

The part I disliked within the week would probably be the Narrative Flow in the Narratives section. The reason I say this is because I couldn’t think of an idea that well on how I could create a Narrative Flow, however I tried my hardest to create one based on a previous film I’d watched – Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015). I chose to use this film as it is something that I’d watched recently and it give me a few ideas on what I could do within the narrative flow, however use limited ways to create a form of a pitch about the film.

I really liked this week though as it allowed me to learn more about the camera and made me research into more detail about different types of cameras.