This is the post for Feedback to be received from the previous week as well as a reflection task. Click “Read More” to see the reflection.

Within this week I’ve learnt many new and different skills compared to what I already knew. Even though personally I’m not too interested in becoming a Lighting Engineer, I found out some new information which I found very interesting as it allowed me to realise how much luck influences your career path with lighting. I found the practical’s that we did as well allowed me to understand the equipment that could be used in case of a lack of lighting (the reflectors) and how effective three point lighting is; it allows me to understand fully that it would make the specific shot look a lot better, and reduces the shadows A LOT. Whilst we were doing the Research Plan for lighting within a specific genre, personally, I didn’t understand too much what we had to do at the time, however, whilst researching more into the lighting that you need for the specific genre I began to understand the task more and more, and also got some help from people around me to explain the task in a little bit more detail. Overall I feel this week actually went surprisingly fast and I was a lot more interested in lighting than I thought I would be, as it gave me more knowledge with anything to do with lighting and how it’s effective within different genres of films.