Welcome to my life, this time, in a photo collage with photos from all the way back to my first concert: when I was 6 years old!


For this task, we had to gather a whole lot of photos from our lives – anything to do with birth upwards. Personally, I decided to start with my first concert (as they are probably some of the worst photo’s I’ve seen of myself, as well as something that made me who I am today). They don’t start at the top of the collage, however they do start on the second row around the middle which is where you can see me in my “great makeup” and ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

I decided to use important memories that I personally like, as they are the ones that I feel show my life the best. The first photo you can see is from when I first went to meet Alice Cooper. I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time, my mum took me into London with her on the train (very early in the morning) and we ended up getting fourth in the queue (it was for a release of his new book: Alice Cooper Golf Monster). As I was all dressed up just for this, later in the day the press asked me if I would be up for a photoshoot with him, and of course, me being me I instantly said “yes!” and we got straight into it once he arrived. As I was so short, I remember they literally piled up about 50 of the new Golf Monster books just so I could be a decent height in comparison to him!

Within the photo montage, you can also see I’ve included some other important memories, such as my holiday to Egypt, family photos, concerts (especially meeting with the Alice Cooper band many times), more holidays, Disneyland, friendship, cats, music, and a lot more. Some of my personal favourites that I can note within this are obviously meeting the bands and seeing concerts such as Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, Queen & Adam Lambert etc. For the friendship side of this, I’ve included mainly my friends that I speak to online, as even though I don’t see them very often, I still consider them some of my best friends. Throughout this as well, you can see how my hair and how me as a person changes – the colour goes from brown/blonde to suddenly having blue, then to black, then to a shade of purple, back to blue, back to black, adding the red streak and then finally what I have at this current time, the blue streak.

These are some of my personal memories that I love, and I feel that they symbolise some of the years of my life. This task makes me happy with how I’ve turned out, as I think for definite I like everything that I’ve included in this collage, and it allows me to reflect on a big part of my life.