Recently I posted a post about what makes me who I am today followed by a collage of images (click here to direct to that post). Moving a step further, I’ve also included “Who Am I?” which is a Video Monologue.

Personally, I did not feel too comfortable including my face in this video monologue, so please enjoy the lovely view of the sky throughout the recording.

To film this, firstly I thought of a decent spot to use where there wouldn’t be much background noise, this included any form of turbines, people, classes etc. In the final result, I ended up filming outside (surprising, but you’ll see why). As we were instructed we have to do this without any editing and I didn’t want to use my face in this particular video, I decided to film the sky whilst speaking over the top. To make it so that my audio was of a better quality, I decided to use my Apple Earphones which have a microphone attached to them. This reduced the majority of the background noise, and you can only very slightly hear some of the things happening in the background, but it was a lot better than searching around the college for a spot to use (even though we did look) as there was noise no matter where we went, and it was hard to minimalize it so personally I thought this was a good approach.

I also checked the direction the wind was going to counter-act it and make sure that wherever I filmed there, the wind wouldn’t be included at all. I stood at the side of a building away from the direction of the wind to make it so that it’s not there at all.

For the recording, I used my iPhone 6s as it has a good quality camera (1080p Quality) which also reflected on the sound quality for the video itself. To actually think of the points to use, I ended up using a piece of paper and roughly writing down what I think makes me who I am today.

list-of-ideasAs shown to the left, these are the ideas I came up with based on my photo collage. Firstly, I decided to scrap the idea of “Welcome to My Universe” as I thought that it didn’t really sound up for what the video would be about. I then decided to talk about space because it’s one of my passions, as well as the type of music that I listen to, and my favourite artists. In particular I chose Alice Cooper (my favourite) as my family know the band personally, followed by a few more of my favourites. I also decided to include what made me like the type of music that I listen to: my mum. Without her, I probably wouldn’t be into any of this type of music! She took me to a concert when I was 6 years old, and since then I’ve been stuck with it (which I would never regret). This lead me onto wanting to play guitar, I took lessons for around five years, but shortly gave up after moving school as I didn’t really enjoy it that much in the new school. I also included why I travel so much and how my mum lives in Scotland – ever since then I’ve wanted to travel the world, and I’m going to start doing that most likely as soon as I leave college. I didn’t end up using the part about Theme Parks because I personally thought it wasn’t something that makes me who I am today.

I included my “Nerd Side” into this, as it plays a big part in my life. Pretty much as soon as I get home, or even whenever I’m at home, I’m always on my computer no matter what. Whether it’s making some form of content to post online, talking to friends through services such as Skype or TeamSpeak, or even just watching YouTube videos, I’m always doing something on my computer. I have passions for gaming, so I decided to include that, followed by who my favourite YouTuber is (who is also a gamer: Markiplier). This also lead onto some of my friends and how I have an online friendship group who I usually see maybe twice a year at conventions (but I forgot to include anything about conventions into this, but that would probably fit into travelling more). I also included about my passion for Editing, in particular how I went from using Sony Vegas to a more advance service: Adobe Premiere Pro.

Finally, I had to include something about my hair. I feel my long, coloured hair makes me who I am today – how I went from having blonde hair for 15 years of my life to suddenly blue out of nowhere in July 2015. I then made a full transition to black hair in September (due to school). I started to get a bit more curious about coloured hair, then decided to add a purple tint to it in February 2016. Moving onwards from there, it faded back to black, I dyed it black sometimes but then decided to move onto a new phase for my hair: the streak. In June 2016 after my GCSE exams I decided to add a red streak and kept that until Friday the 9th of September – then I changed to what I currently have as of this post: a blue streak.

That’s pretty much everything that I covered within the video monologue. Hopefully that was somewhat enjoyable to learn more about me!