Interstellar (2014)

This scene where Matthew McConaughey’s character ejects from his spacecraft into a black hole I find both powerful and effective.

(12/09/2016 YouTube Video // Screen Capture)I’ve only seen the film once, very recently in fact and it really made me engaged in what was happening. As Matthew McConaughey’s is currently very separated from his daughter (Murph) and he misses her and regrets leaving, however, I can relate to this as my mother lives in Scotland and she misses me (I hope at least) and I miss her too. They also try to communicate using the 5th Dimension: Gravity – dust, books, Morse code, only complex minds can be used to work these things out, and it shows that they can use some form of “new language” to speak to each other, which relates to kids back in the past making up some form of a new language.

Here is the scene (Make him stay):

Here is the scene (Gravity):

I’ve used two links as I could not find the full scene on it’s own.