Welcome to My Universe.

As shown below, there’s a photo collage that I’ve created that’s to do with: me. I used Photoshop CS6 to create this collage, and planned out that because I have a passion for space, I used a “wormhole” method to show different aspects of my life/to do with me. Originally, the idea came from the top right of the image: The wormhole with the tardis coming out (as I love Doctor Who and usually watch it with my friends). Once I used the first wormhole, I decided to stick with the theme of using them for different things to do with me.


Firstly, as this is “My Universe”, I decided to include my own world in there surrounded by what I love. I took a picture of the earth off of Google Images, and firstly thought “what do I want to do with this world?” – I then remembered my passion for travelling, and how I want to travel the world so I started work on adding the different directed locations on top to show the effect of where I’d like to travel (everywhere) followed by adding a plane, in particular the Iron Maiden plane as they are one of my favourite bands. I travel up and down the country a lot to go and see my mother as well as she lives in Scotland, so I decided to add a Virgin Train as that’s what reminds me “I’m getting that one little bit closer to Scotland to see her”. In the background of the world you can see a roller coaster, in specific, Stealth from Thorpe Park – this shows that I like to take risks (and my mother forced me on it when I used to be terrified of roller coasters – now I love them!). In the foreground of the image, you can see Jack Skellington – this shows my love for some of the Tim Burton films, especially the animated one, and reminds me of me and my brother as we used to watch it together all of the time, and it was probably one of the first times me and my brother bonded!

Moving on, to the left of the world we can see my music side of the universe. It may be hard to see, but in the background I included a crowd of people (you might just be able to notice if you can see the hands) – this shows my passion for going to concerts, and I have been going since I was 6 years old! To link on with this point, my first concert was an Alice Cooper concert (who we can see in the foreground of the image) and my family are quite close with the band, and I always get excited whenever I get to go to one of the concerts here in the UK, especially as it’s free! From the day I went to that concert, I started to learn guitar, so I included one of my favourite guitar’s as I strive to become quite good at playing one day, and have been for over 10 years now. As well as that, it made me who I am today and the type of music I like: rock music which concludes that section of this collage.

To the right of the world, this is where my “nerd” side starts. I have a passion for creating and editing videos which you can see on the background of the monitor – uploading them to YouTube as well as editing in Premiere Pro. Editing makes me feel happy and releasing some form of content does too, so this produces some form of happiness to me. As well as this, in the foreground it represents some of my friends (as Mario characters of course) and I also included my favourite YouTuber: Markiplier as whenever I watch some of his videos, I feel some form of happiness and joy afterwards and if I’m ever having a bad day, I usually feel a bit better after watching some.

Above the world, there is one of my “crazy” sides and “horror” sides. I love horror. It’s as simple as that! I decided to include the movie aspect in there with the popcorn bucket with a head, and this wormhole is more of a red-tinted colour to represent the horror. To the top left it represents Friday the 13th (Jason) as it’s one of the first movies I saw (horror-wise). Changing that, it’s gone to my more “being unique” side which you can see from the ducks, my laziness which you can see from the sleeping person in the bottom right and on the left my clumsiness (someone falling over).

Finally, in the top left, it shows some more of my “crazy” side as I ran out of space originally: Homer Simpson being mental out in public, an arctic fox on the beach and some strange dog – all to show my crazy sides of me.

That’s only the beginning of my universe, hopefully there will be more to come as I progress my life!