Kai Ross-Best – Film & TV 2016

Film & TV Level 3 Production Course

Portfolios for Year 2

Week 3 – Broadchurch Contextual Study (Term 1 Portfolio, Draft 1)


Week 9 – Finalized Portfolio.

Within this post is my Finalized Portfolio for my UAL Film & TV Production course.

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Week 7 & 8 – 4.1: Extended Project (Project Portfolio)

This post is dedicated to all of my Project Portfolio, including the previous Draft Versions.

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Week 5 – 2.2 & Week 6 – 3.1: Extended Project

Within this week our key focus is to focus on designing & interpreting research. This will be so that I can gather and experiment with different primary research suitable for my project as well as any secondary research required for my project, and to be able to make it effectively and communicate to my target audience.

Image result for taking photos
5 Top Tips for Taking Gap Year Photos that Stand Out From the Crowd (YI Technology, No date)

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Week 4 – 2.1: Extended Project

Within this week we are entirely focussing on different types of research that we can do and is available for us to research ideas and information into our project.

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Research (Hyperacusis Research, No date)

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Week 3 – 1.1: Extended Project

Within the Film & TV Industry, it is organized in a very specific way, and within this post it’ll be detailing the ways that it’s structured, and in specific using it to help¬†for my final major project – a one minute short film based upon horror.

Image result for Film Industry
Film Industry Letterhead (Superlink, No date)

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Week 2 – Three Initial Ideas

Within this week I will be focussing entirely on my Final Major Project Initial Ideas. This will include the three ideas that I would like to do within my Final Major Project with a few patches of how they could be possible to produce.

Image result for the final countdown
The Final Countdown (Indiana admin, 30 November 2013)

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Week 1 – Who Am I?

Within this week, as I wasn’t here the previous week I have had to catch up on the first start to the Final Major Project work. This included creating a new “Who Am I?” Poster to show how I’ve developed from the first week at college as well as the specific skills that I have learnt since I’ve been here.

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Term 2/Project 2 – Evidence Document

This post here is dedicated to the evidence document for Project 2 – “The Scene”.

Evidence Document for Tri 2

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